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Holidays in Maldives – Heaven on earth

It’s been 1.5 years since my husband and I celebrated our second year anniversary at the Maldives. We were there just a few days before the hotel changed its name from Hilton to Conrad. Nothing needs upgraded, everything has been completed and no interruption whatsoever during our stay. I am sitting in the kitchen typing this review looking at the canvas of Rangali Island pic on the wall at the same time. It ‘s the best holiday I ever had and most unforgettable experience even though it was only for short 5 days.

I have done lots of research and have read lots of reviews from trip advisors before deciding where to stay and what to do on the island.

We had to stay one night at Male due to our flight schedule. The next morning, hotel staff escorted us to the Conrad Lounge for rest, tea and some canap?s before our seaplane flight. The flight was about 20 mins long and it was quite relaxing looking out from the window. The moment we arrived to the main island, I noticed a long 500 m bridge connecting the 2 islands together. I felt we are in heaven already….the view and place was stunning.

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We stayed at Spa Water villa for 5 nights. The villa itself is bigger than others, and more secluded, it just feel not as crowded. The spa water villa package also came with fresh juice per day, one treatment per room per day, breakfast daily at any restaurant including the spa restaurant. I must say the Spa restaurant provide very nice and healthy breakfast compared to the standard buffet breakfast elsewhere.

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As we walked into our villa, the decoration was timber based…. Very relaxing together with the water sound, it was just superb, the view was stunning looking outside, I couldn’t get my eyes off it!! I cannot criticise anything at all. The villa also extended to a connected private massage treatment room.

During our 5 days stay, we had spa treatment everyday, massage was excellent, very relaxing. We also had hot stone massage done at the over water spa villa on the other side of the island. The experience was quite different. The see-thru glass floor bottom allowed you to see what’s in the water although we didn’t see anything on the day, but good experience to have.

Private Dinner (Day2)

We had private dinner organised for our anniversary. It was the best dinner we ever had. It was raining that day. Private dinner normally just get cancelled as it’s an outdoor dining experience. But because it was our wedding anniversary we didn’t want to have dinner in a normal restaurant. The island host managed to organised a private dinner under a hut with candles, tables all set up nicely and also a chef and private butler. Even though it wasn’t a good sunny day, no nice sunset view out on the beach. It was a great anniversary experience! Downside: because this is special, it was costly…be prepare to pay USD 500+ for 2 this experience.

Swiss Cheese Fondue (Day 3)

Nice to try, if you are wine drinker… you get to meet other couples on the island and have a bit of chit chat and enjoy a nite out with cheese and wine

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Ithaa Cocktail experience (Day 4)

When I read the review prior to the trip, a lot of people recommended not to dine in the restaurant and pay USD $250 per head for under water experience. Therefore we chose to have a cocktail experience just before lunch time paying about $30 a head for a glass champagne and get to go down to the restaurant and took some pic. Another couple we met on the island had dined in the restaurant, they didn’t like the food as it was just ordinary and it was cold by the time they were delivered to the table as the kitchen is outside the restaurant.

Koko Grill (Day 5)

Unique experience, having Japanese teppanyaki at a cosy outdoor place with other couples, a good night out and the food was great. Again this is considered as special dining experience. Be prepare to pay USD $500+ for 2.

Atoll Restaurant (Day 1)

As you can’t get out of the island for dinner, everything happen within the hotel. Beware that special dinner can be costly….Atoll restaurant is the cheaper option to dine on the island. Food is pretty standard with buffet or Al la Carte choice.

Vilu Restaurant ++++ (Day 4)

This is another more affordable way to dine on the island abit more expensive than Atoll. I highly recommended this restaurant. You will never find any other place or restaurant with the best view and closer to nature. Having dining tables right on the deck with Indian Ocean just right in front of you, I no longer need to dine in any water front view restaurants after returning to Sydney as nothing will beat the view at Vilu. The food was superb and fresh!!

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Dream Island (Day 5)

We hired an island out for half a day to ourselves. This journey took about 45min to travel to a secluded island. Picnic basket, towels and everything you need was provided for the day. We enjoyed having the island to ourselves and did some snorkelling there and took lots of photos. Experience you probably cannot get anywhere else unless you are million/billionaire and own an island yourself. Loved it!!

Fishing Village (Day 4)

Good trip to go to see what the local Maldivian’s lifestyle is or when you are bored on the island and wanted a day out.


Positives: Stunning place, friendly staff, great unique heavenly experience, loved it!!!

Negatives: costly, but worth it!!! For our trip, our island host lost our booking sheet for my activities and dining experience, so my private island trip didn’t happen on my anniversary, but she managed to organised another day for us.

Thanks Nina K. for story !