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Madoogali The Maldives

Madoogali The Maldives
Madoogali The Maldives


Beautiful Madoogali is almost entirely wrapped in lush tropical vegetation; coconut palm, Banyan trees and Bougainvillaeas colour and perfume the islands interior, whilst clear turquoise seas kiss the soft white coral sand beaches.

A few meters from the waters edge is another of nature wonderlands; an underwater garden of living coral, where colour has texture, fresh from the artists palette.

Madoogali , the Maldives is a beautiful barefoot hideaway located in the North Ari Atoll just twenty minutes away from male’ International Airport. An exceptionally charming island with the ideal “Maldives holiday” atmosphere, Madoogali is full of lush vegetation, swaying coconut palms along with a soft and fine sandy white beach around it. Madoogali boasts of a house reef which is a comparison to no other Maldivescoral reef for its colors, life and growth. Colorful Acropora, massive brain corals and anemone, harbors myriads of life including manta rays, turtles, guitar sharks, seahorses, etc…Just in the house reef, a few meters away from the beach.

Dive sites

  • Angothi Thila (shark point)
  • Maya Thila (Protected Marine Area)
  • Mushimas Mingili Thila or Fish Head
  • Donkalo (Manta point
  • Kiru Thila (Manta Point)
  • Maalhoss Thila or Blue Caves
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